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Photo Release Policy

You consent to the unrestricted use, by Aiken Senior Life Services (and those acting with our permission and authorization) of any and all media taken, in whole or in part, unlimited use, for all purposes in any form or medium, including, without limitation, its use through or on any electronic media, including the Internet. You waive any right to inspect or approve the finished product, products, or the advertising copy or printed materials that may be used with the finished media. Further, you relinquish all rights, titles, and interests you may have in the finished media, negative(s), and reproductions to any business firm or publication. It is understood that Aiken Senior Life Services retains the copyright of media at all times under the express understanding that Aiken Senior Life Services shall have exclusive rights to the media. You hereby release Aiken Senior Life Services from any and all claims in connection with the media, including any and all claims of libel.

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